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We help you place the right people in the right places. This is how we continue to grow together.


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Our history

You have a company in the agricultural sector such as greenhouse/glasshouse horticulture, pig farming, field crops, animal-care and/or landscaping businesses. And do you want to work with a skilled, reliable and trusted team of temporary workers? Then you are at the right place at BAM Works. We also have technical personnel for you. Our employees have an Eastern European nationality and we recruit them in the country of origin. We have our own office or fixed point of contact in these countries.

BAM Works is NEN 4400-1 certified and a NBBU member.

We opt for motivated employees who consciously take the step to the Netherlands to work for a company for a longer period of time. We provide SNF-certified accommodation, a solid introduction program, clear agreements and offer them perspective through personal coaching.



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Personal development, That’s BAM Works


Next year, I'm able to build my own house

Ania Skubisch @BAM works about her future plans


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Patryk Orkowski @BAM Works Employee of the Month May 2022